Mean Finance

Yield Sources

Mean Finance aims to be the ultimate investment tool for everyone in crypto. In that sense, Mean now supports yield generation for idle assets for a maximal capital efficiency. These assets may be awaiting swaps or withdrawals on our platform. Even though we don't offer any in-house products or features for single-exposure yield generation, we've integrated external platforms to cater to our users' diverse preferences.
By allowing users to choose their preferred yield-generating platform, we ensure that each individual can make their own risk-reward assessments. Typically, higher rewards (APY) come with increased risks associated with a particular strategy or platform.
To make the most informed decision, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research before selecting a platform for generating yield on your assets. As a starting point, we recommend you explore the documentation yield generating platforms currently supported:
Our commitment to empowering users with choice and flexibility lies at the heart of Mean Finance. By providing the necessary tools and resources, we hope to facilitate informed decision-making and optimize yield generation on idle assets for every user.