Swappers it's a project that looks to enable a wide range of on-chain actions that interact through a modular architecture with ERC20 tokens and dexes.

There are many different scenarios where contracts would like to perform a swap between two tokens. Swaps generally involve some of the following steps:

  • Taking tokens from the user

  • Approving tokens for a DEX

  • Executing the swap against the DEX

  • Transferring the swapped tokens to a recipient

Now, having a centralized swapper might sound like a good idea, but based on the ERC20 infrastructure and the fact that some DEXes do not support swap & transfer, it could require some extra approvals + transfers. So the idea is to give existing contracts swapping capabilities by using Extensions.

By creating this modular architecture, we allow developers to choose what parts they want to import depending on their project's needs avoiding smart contracts bloating.

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