Swapper Registry

As mentioned before, Swappers is an infrastructure created to interact mainly with ERC20 tokens, dexes and dexes aggregators.

Most interactions with ERC20 tokens are pretty limited and as such tightly defined (approve, send, etc.), while interactions with dexes and dex aggregators usually rely heavily on arbitrary data execution (0x, 1inch and Paraswap).

Is it because of this that the Swapper Registry exists. Different contracts from the Mean Finance ecosystem will ask this contract if an address is a valid swapper or not, thus avoiding malicious contracts to execute arbitrary data. Additionally, in some cases, swappers have supplementary allowance targets that need ERC20 approvals. We will also track those here.

Swapper Registry will have two access roles: Super admins and Admins:

  • Super admins: Will be able to add new super admins and admins.

  • Admins: Will be the ones adding or removing swappers and allowance targets from the allowed lists.

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